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TELE-marketing services

If it is your goal to win new customers nationally but mainly internationally, then our company as a professional communication service provider in the call center field is the right partner for you. Our employees prepare mailing campaigns, help with product introductions and boost your business activies.

Our team can be helpful to you in many different areas. Our service consists of support work with Telemarketing and Telephone-marketing to maintain your international customer contacts, and for winning new customers, for customer service, for diverse mailing activities and product introductions.


National and International

The diversification of our agency and its expertise is a direct result of our multinational employees, which have many years of experience in the field of telemarketing. So with us you have the possiblity to expand your business activities, cost-efficiently, locally and globally. Macfarlane is the suitable partner for you, no matter where your company wishes to maintain or win customers.

High level of competence:

Due to our high level of professional competence in this field, we are cabable of practicing an effective approach for conversations. Because only those who are perceived as competent, have the abililty to receive sales relevant information and data to help your company.


We are especially the ideal partner for telemarketing and telephone-marketing on an international level,such as in France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain and Portugal in Western Europe, Denmark, Sweden and Norway in Scandinavia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Russia in Eastern Europe, as well as in Japan and China in Asia. Among other things our staff has full command of French, English, Italian, Spanish, Portugese, Danish, Swedish, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Russian as well as Japanese and Chinese. This way we can prepare mailing campaigns through telemarketing and telephone-marketing by actively calling potential clients. Find out everything you need to know for the subject new cell phone prices right here with our web partner.

telemarketing services

your partner

This is how you optimize for example, your trade fair follow-up calls since we have great long standing experience with telemarketing and telephone-marketing, market-surveys, business follow-up calls and winning new customers. This way our service allows you to expand your business activities abroad cost efficiently.

Please contact us for professional telemarketing services and or for call center, dialogue-marketing, trade fair invitations, business follow-up calls or winning new customers. Our call center is the ideal partner for companies from the following cities: Washington D.C. (USA), Brasilia (Brazil), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Wellington (New Zealand), Paris (France), Madrid (Spain), London (Great Britain), Lisboa (Portugal), Sydney (Australia), Ottawa (Canada), Tokyo (Japan), Peking (China), Bangkok (Thailand) and many more...

You can actively win new customers and significantly expand your international customer base by utilizing our professional telephone services.

Nationwide or abroad, telemarketing services means, that existing or potential customers receive your product information and it supports field offices and sales departments with their activities.

Telemarketing and Telephone-marketing services:

  • - Actively calling potential customers
  • - Verifying and updating your customer database
  • - Prepare mailing activities for potential and existing customers


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national and worldwide

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