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Call center services

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For a professional call center or telephone-marketing, dialogue-marketing, invitation to trade fairs,, business follow-up calls or winning new customers, please contact our company. Our call center is the right partner for companies from all countries, cities and states.


We have been specialized in call center services since 1998. This includes the following outbound services.

  • Direct-marketing
  • Telephone-marketing
  • Dialogue-marketing
  • Telemarketing

Nationwide and internationally, we are here for you. Our offer is directed towards companies, that are looking to set up or expand their international presence. This not only includes countries in Western Europe (France, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Switzerland, Austria etc.) or Eastern Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary or Russia), but also China anad Japan in Asia and USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil in America.

The right call center agents

We always have the right call center agents from the country or city you require. May it be amongst others from Paris, France to Berlin, Germany, Lisbon, Portugal, Madrid, Spain, Rome, Italy, London, Great Britain, Warsaw Poland, Prague, Czech Republic, Helsinki, Finnland, Copenhagen, Denmark, Oslow, Norway, or for the countries that need our services. This brings linguistic benefits and local knowledge, but also the ability to solve intercultural problems.

Among other languages our employees speak English, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Czech, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish.

Call center , telephone-marketing, dialogue -marketing

Call center services worldwide: France, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Bern, Switzerland, Vienna, Austria etc. or Eastern Europe - Warsaw, Poland, Prague, Czech Republic, Berlin, Germany, Rome, Italy, Budapest, Hungary or Sydney, Australia, Ottawa, Canada, Tokyo, Japan, Peking, China, Bangkok ,Tailand and Hanoi, Vietnam. We are active almost everywhere. Also in Brasilia, Brazil, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Panama City, Panama city, Panama, Washington D.C. USA, Kapstadt, Afrika, Wellington, New Zealand, Mumbai India, Ankara, Turkey

In Europe, we offer our services for almost all countries. But our offer is not limited to European countries. No matter which country you need, which language you speak, we can satisfy your needs almost with certainty. May it be Spain, Italy, Poland or Finnland, we are here for you. We have multilingual employees that are available to you in case you have clients that speak or are in search of Spanish, Italian, Polish and Finnish. And if you think that Mexico, Brazil, Argentina or the United States is too far for us, we must disappoint you, we can call almost anywhere.

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Magazinplatz 3
72072 Tübingen
Fax: 07071 93789-11
Zellinger Weg 9
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Magazinplatz 3
72072 Tübingen
Fax: 07071 93789-11